You need special tyres if you have a fast car or like to drive fast

Summer Tyres

Tyres are designed for different conditions; you have special winter tyres, summer tyresall-weather tyres and these tend to come in different versions where you can get these tyres that are optimized for high speeds and fast car. High speed puts more centrifugal force and generates more heat build-up in the tyre. If you select a tyre with too low speed rating and drive at high speeds, you could be in danger as you might risk tyre failure. When it comes to safety, you do not want to have tyre failure when you are driving very fast. Tyres provide safety to your car and allows the car to exhibit its inherent safety properties, but unless the tyres provide enough safety you might not be able to keep the car out of accidents.

Tyres will bring you the necessary grip and control over your vehicle while you drive regardless of what speed you are driving at. You need sufficient grip to be able to take sharp corners and turns, to have a short braking distance, to avoid accidents and to maneuver your vehicle. Depending on what conditions you plan to drive in, you might need to purchase special tyres. Winter conditions always require winter tyres or at least winter approved all-weather tyres. Even with very good tyres it is not recommended to drive at very high speeds during the winter when you have snow and ice.

Summer tyres of high quality will be able to handle the conditions that you will face while driving during summers. Normal tyres are designed for driving on normal roads and not off-road conditions. If you plan to drive mainly off-road, then you will need to purchase special off-road tyres. Normal summer tyres are will be able to avoid aquaplaning and the better quality tyres that you choose, the better they will be able to avoid aquaplaning in heavy rain. Aquaplaning is the main reason for accidents during summers when you have rain or thunderstorms. You should avoid driving at high speeds when driving in heavy rain, as speed has a very negative impact on the risk for aquaplaning.

For safe driving during high speeds even with the best high quality tyres with the correct speed rating, you will need to ensure that you have the correct tyre pressure. If you have wrong pressure it can be dangerous to drive at high speed, so it is essential to check the pressure. Low pressure increases the heat build-up and the tyre wear and can cause tyre failure at high speeds. Too high pressure will decrease the grip and increase the braking distance and will not be able to provide the best performance. For electrical and hybrid cars you will need to have special tyres that are recommended for use with these vehicles as they are heavier and require special tyres that can reduce the braking distance and have limited tyre wear.

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