Why You Should Consider The PPE Xcelerator lbz


PPE knew that customers of diesel power products were yearning for real horsepower as well as torque out of a hand-held programmer, and they came up with the Xcelerator series. The Standard Xcelerator series was specifically designed for 2001 through 2010 Duramax diesel engines, and it provides 4 to 5 power levels of additional horsepower and torque, speedometer corrections (for tire sizes that range from 25 inches to 44.75 inches at ¼ inch increments), adjustable gear ratio (from 2.73 to 5.13), adjustable speed limiter (from 40 to 96 mph in 1 mph increments or directly to 200 mph), reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes through the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic System (OBD-II), transmission reset, real-time data scanning for comprehensive engine diagnostics, and a quick learn feature for faster transmission relearn. It also includes a Universal Serial Bus side-plug for easy online updates.

If you want your vehicle, you should definitely give the ppe xcelerator lbz  a try. The amount of work with this product is minimal and the amount of power that it unleashes from your Duramax is amazing. You will definitely feel the difference. Installing it is also very easy. Just make sure that you follow the instructions given properly.

In case you have any problems installing the PPE xcelerator lbz, the PPE customer service guys are very helpful. You will have to take out two to four fuses and disconnect some of your aftermarket accessories such as the radio and trailer brake. This what you will have to do in case it gets stuck at the vin verification process.

For reliability, you can tune your Duramax lbz at level 2 for reliability. But it is nice to know  that you can go up to level 5 whenever you need that extra power. It is a good idea to choose the PPE Xcelerator lbz over EFI live since you do not need to fully customize your tunes, and the PPE Xcelerator provides the amount of power you want for your needs. It is also kinder to your pocket.

For more information on the installation of the ppe xcelerator lbz, visit our website at https://puredieselpower.com/

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