What Happens If I Stop Paying My Car Insurance?

Insurance is a lifetime contract and investment. It is presented to investors by investment companies with a policy that must be followed by the consumer. In return, the patron will receive reimbursements or financial protection to a particular indenture against any abrupt financial needs.


Nowadays, multiple insurances are emerging in the market. Various companies are offering unique bundles that ensure consumers regarding any abrupt financial needs.


There are different types of insurances, but the most common are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance, and;
  • Car Insurance


These indemnities are for different occurrences that need financial reinforcements. Life insurance covers whatever your family needs once you got into an accident or lost your life. Health insurance protects an individual’s finance for a doctor or hospital visit, prescription medicines, wellness care, and any sudden medical device requirement. Home insurance guards any assets vital when one’s home has damage from natural disasters, unwanted fire, or human-made mistakes. Last but not least, car insurance is for any reparations caused by misfortunate mishaps or theft.


All of these investments have special coverages to one’s essentials. It is only essential for a person to provide finances in case of emergency, and there are no savings made to cover up the expenses needed for the sudden loss and mutilation.


Car Insurance is just as important as the others. Suppose you are a traveler who wants to tour around your country’s different cities, an entrepreneur who’s busy with numerous meetings for partnership, or an employee who always goes to work by car. In that case, applying for your auto insurance is a necessity. A highway is a dangerous place since many accidents may occur from time to time – which is not desired by anybody but still happens because vehicles may malfunction. Often these car crashes are triggered by hot-headed drivers who are in a hurry to go somewhere.


However, what will happen if you stop paying for your car insurance? What will happen to the contract you signed up for and your lifetime investment?


Find out the answers on the infographic below brought to you by iChoose.PH, the most known car insurance Parañaque, health insurance PH, and loa insurance company:


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