Use a tyre selector to find the correct tyres for your vehicle

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Some of the big tyre manufacturer makes it easy to find the correct tyres for your vehicle as they allow you to search based on either the car manufacturer, year, model and engine size to ensure that you have a tyre that are recommended for its use. This is important as well if you have an electrical or hybrid as not all the tyres are recommended for use on these.

You can also search based on your tyre dimensions, so you enter width, height and rim size and you will be served with the different summer tyres, winter tyres and all-weather tyres that are available for that dimensions. You can also see what are the non-studded and the studded options that you have. You can of course just google for e.g. 215/70R16 summer tyres to find the available summer tyres for that dimension. This will save you time by not looking at tyre options that are not available in your needed dimension.

Finding the correct dimension for your car, is of course only one step in the tyre selection process, then you will need to ensure that these tyres are of high quality and have the sufficient performance and safety that you want for your vehicle. There are some different ways of getting to that step, one is to use the EU label that are mandatory for all tyres sold within EU. There you can see how they perform on three important characteristics, which are not the only ones to take into consideration, but they do a good job in guiding you when you select between a few alternatives.

The listed characteristics are wet grip, tyre noise and rolling resistance, which indicates fuel consumption. The rolling resistance tends to be higher for cheaper tyres, which is a good reason why to avoid the lower quality and cheaper tyres as you will have to pay for it long term by higher fuel consumptions, higher tyre wear and higher carbon emissions. The wet grip will determine safety for summer tyres and is not indicative for how good winter tyres are, as here you will need to know snow and ice grip. The tyre noise is important and can negatively impact your driving comfort, especially for an electrical or hybrid vehicle.

In addition to the above information, it is advisable to also check various tyre tests performed by car organizations or car magazines. This is important for the winter tyres, as the EU tyre label doesn’t give adequate or sufficient information on how well they perform. For all-weather tyres you also need to evaluate how well they can perform in winter conditions, that is if you intend to use them in winter conditions. Since all-weather tyres can be used all year round, they offer a great deal of convivence and also added safety as you always have tyres on your vehicle that are safe to drive with in all weather conditions.

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