Types of Motor Oils: Which is Best for Your Diesel Engine?

When your truck has reached a certain mileage, it signifies that time of vehicle maintenance – changing oils. This routine is essential in keeping your diesel engine functioning well and reducing wear and tear.

The usual interval between fuel change is 3,000 miles, but as oil types vary, some fluids can go 5,000 to 7,000 miles before needing to switch to new oil. Some fuel types can even go higher between intervals.

With the significant difference in these figures, you might be thinking of getting oil that requires less fuel change. While that may be ideal for some, it might not work for every truck. Diesel engines vary from one another, and this means their fuel requirement differs as well.

Getting the right type of motor oil ensures your Cummins injectors have no problem in delivering fuel to your diesel engine. If your vehicle receives the wrong kind of fluid, it could spell disaster for your truck. Knowing what your diesel engine needs is crucial in its functionality to make the most of your investment.

Oil’s main role in a truck is to keep the mechanism functioning properly to reduce wear and tear. It lubricates the engine parts to ensure they do not corrode or suffer from friction damages. Some fluids contain additives that help keep the oil clean to prevent grime buildup and small particles’ accumulation.

It also is advisable not to let the oil drop below a quarter tank as this can allow impurities to enter the feed line.

Keeping your diesel performance parts well-maintained helps prolong your truck’s life and makes it run smoothly. Following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule helps identify if there are parts needing repairs and prevents more problems from arising.

If it is oil changing time in your calendar again, here are a few tips in selecting the type of motor oil for your diesel engine.

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