Summer Tyres

This time of the year most people are looking for new summer tyres, as they notice that their summer tyres that should be mounted are not in good enough condition. However, there are also some people that are looking to replace their winter tyres as they are coming to an end of the season. The reason for this is that there is no need to store a set of worn out tyres, which is often the case, as the rims will be kept for the winter season, thus it makes sense to already now purchase a new set of winter tyres.

If you purchase a new set of tyres from the service station that changes your tyres, they can fit them on your rims and then store them for you. They are also able to dispose of the used tyres and recycle also the balancing weights. They will also balance the new tyres, so that they can balance out any side forces. This will save you a lot of problems once winter comes around, as you already have new tyres for the season. You only have to worry about getting the timing correct, so that you have the winter tyres mounted before the snow arrives.

You should also consider if you are better off and safer by changing the current summer tyres to a new set, as you will improve the safety performance. If the tread depth is below 4 mm, you should immediately change to a new set of tyres. Important safety performance like braking distance and prevention of aquaplaning will drastically start to diminish once you reach this threshold. This the main reason why it is important to measure and keep track of the tread depth over time. You also need to rotate the tyres so that the wear will even out between the rear and front tyres. It is also important to realize that the wear is higher with electrical cars, due to the higher weight and torque, so they will require a more frequent rotation. If you alternate between winter and summer tyres, this timing of rotating the tyres might not be sufficient. It is also important to choose tyres that are recommended for use with electrical vehicles, as you will need more wear resistant tyres.

When you purchase new summer tyres, you have some good sources of help. You have a lot of online resources, but you also have the EU tyre marking. The EU tyre marking was launched so that it would make the selection process easier, as you have 3 different characteristics to compare between. You have the rolling resistance which shows you the fuel efficiency but tends to also impact the wear rate. You have the wet grip, which shows braking distance on wet roads, which indicates the safety and finally the tyre noise, which is important for driving comfort. These should help and guide you to make a better informed tyre choice.

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