The importance of proper tyre selection

You can see tyre selection, in a similar way that you would any other safety product that you want to last a long time. If you are for example buying a motorcycle helmet, you want to make sure it is very safe. Preferably it will also rank very good in safety tests and price isn’t the key driver in the selection. The same should go for tyres, that they are providing your car with optimal safety. They should have low rolling resistance so that they are more environmentally friendly as they last longer, emit lower amount of greenhouse gases and consume less fuel.

You will need to decide what tyres you need, if you need summer tyres for the summer season, winter tyres for the winter season or then all-weather tyres that you can use all year round. Then you will need to get the tyre dimension correct, so that you can look limit the options. If you search online for a 205/65R16 summer tyre, you can see what options you have to choose between. Once you have found tyres with the right dimension then you need to find the safest for the conditions that you aim to drive in. Summer tyres need to be safe on dry and wet roads, winter tyres on ice and snow and the all-weather tyres for the full range of conditions. Make sure that the all-weather tyres are approved for winter use, so that they can be used safely during the winter season.

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