Strategies You Can Use to Avoid Bookmakers Limitations

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many in-store bookmakers to limit their operations with the need for contactless services in Singapore. This contributed to the growth of digital platforms where gamblers can place their stakes in any location. Numerous bettors are now using online sportsbook in Singapore to put their wagers for their favourite teams, players, and games.


Despite the benefits that online bookmakers give numerous bettors in the country, these virtual platforms are also used by malicious people for their good. Online betting companies have always kept records and transactions on their platforms to enforce limitations on potential threats to the business.


Limitations on online sportsbook accounts became a regular occurrence over the years. Bookmakers do this to restrict or reduce the maximum wager or winnings on the platform. Various reasons lead to limitations on the account, including too many winnings, abusing promotions, and a suspected duplicate account.


This might be inevitable for many punters, but there are still numerous ways to avoid having their accounts being subject to any limitations. Here are some strategies that will help prevent bookmakers’ restrictions on your betting accounts.


One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary attention from the bookmakers is to start small with the wagers you put using your Singapore sport bet account. This is because sportsbooks are not huge fans of professional gamblers who, most of the time, end up withdrawing more from usual. They also regularly look at accounts that deposit an enormous amount of money in one go, as they usually consider them like pros.


Bookmakers also flag accounts suspected to be arb bettors, typically engaged in arbitrage betting. This betting strategy often guarantees earnings for any punters. Sportsbooks can easily spot arb gamblers because they usually put wagers on exact amounts, such as $47.44 or $32.81. To avoid any limitations on the account, it is advised to place stakes on rounded numbers, generally on the nearest tens or hundreds.


To learn more about the other strategies that you can use to avoid dealing with limitations on your betting account, check this infographic from 88probet.


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