Make sure that your all-season tires are in good condition

All-season tires

If you currently have winter tires on your vehicle it is soon time to change to all-season tires for the upcoming summer season. If you live in a state of province that doesn’t really have any winter conditions you might have been driving with the all-season tires the whole time. Regardless of which you will need to make sure that your all-season tires are in good condition.

Good condition means that the tires are free from cuts, bulges and cracks, especially on the sidewalls. Stones are not stuck in the tread and you have a tread that look goods. The tread depth should be more than 5/32 inches and should be evenly worn out. If the wear is uneven it should be checked. The tires should also have the correct inflation pressure as indicated in the car’s manual. Low tire pressure can cause the tires to wear unevenly and also increase the tire wear. The fuel consumption is also increased when the tires have low tire pressure. Damages to the tires should immediately be checked by a tire service station to see if the tire needs to be changed or if they can be repaired.

Rotation of the tires is important to even out the wear between the front and the rear tires. For electric cars that tend to cause higher wear of the tires and therefore it is even more important to rotate the tires and it should be done more frequently. The tires chosen for an electrical car needs to be recommended for that use.

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