Horse Betting Racing: Different Horse Bet

In the sports betting industry, many sports bettors who want to win big know that placing a bet is not enough. They know that it includes knowledge and research to gain something in this field.

Whether you are placing your bet on Singapore pools or online horse betting sites, you must understand the different bet types.

Finding terminologies in horse betting might confuse you. This is why sports bettors do not dwell on it instantly without familiarizing themselves with such terms and slang. This can further help them not to lose too much money.

To help you, let’s start with an exotic wager and a straight wager. They are the two types of bets that you can do to horses.

Understanding the straight bets is easy. They are only categorized in three ways:

Win – The simplest bet among all the wagers that you may encounter. You just need to bet on the one that will finish first. The sad thing about this is that you lose your money the moment you have placed a wager on the one that does not finish first.
Place – This bet requires you to wager on a horse that will either finish first or second.
Show – Your horse is betting on its chances of placing first, second, and/or third. Because you are betting on the outcome, your chances of winning are higher; however, show wager is much less profitable than a place-or-win bet.

On the other hand, the exotic bet may be challenging to understand. To clear up what this means, the challenge in exotic wagers is, that you are betting on multiple horses in a single race or across various races. These bets are more complicated than straight wagers but can yield huge returns.

You must know how horse betting works to understand what will happen to your wagers fully. This will also help you choose the most suitable bet in every situation.
For more additional information about the different bets you can make in horse betting, you can see this infographic from Junebet66.

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