Creative Experiential Marketing Campaigns That Will Inspire You

Now that many businesses offer similar – if not the same – products or services as what you have, it is getting more difficult to stand out. Indeed, it’s a challenge to be the brightest among the sea of lights. For that reason alone, companies are falling in love with experiential marketing. This growing trend gives a chance to differentiate brands among other products or services.

Experiential marketing isn’t just about having generic shows with the grand reveal of products or services. It is about giving immersive, live, and memorable experiential campaigns to potential customers that deliver your message—that type of event that attendees will always remember due to its uniqueness.

However, it’s not one size fits all when it comes to knowing the perfect campaign. That’s why partnering with event production companies can help you create an appropriate event for your brand and get your message across.

We gathered some creative experiential marketing campaigns that will inspire you to produce your own to have a brief idea.

Refinery29 – 29Rooms

For the past years, lifestyle brand Refinery29 has been hosting their yearly event called 29Rooms. The events are built in collaboration with artists, creators, and partners to create 29 “multi-sensory playgrounds.”

Mondelez International – 3D Oreos

Oreos is one of the most recognizable cookies in the world. With that, its parent company Mondelez International created an event to combine Oreos with cutting-edge technology for its customers. 3D printers are introduced to help attendees create their personalized Oreos.

Smirnoff – Comic Book Party

Smirnoff pulled off an all-out immersive experience when they created a comic book-themed industry party. The whole location is embedded with full-sized graphic comic illustrations partnered with guests wearing their most iconic costumes.

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