Beginner’s Guide to Upgrading Your Truck

Beginner’s Guide to Upgrading Your Truck

Trucks like any vehicles are a good investment. You might make your first purchase of a standard manufactured vehicle with the intent of tricking it out later. There are car aficionados who focus on boosting their vehicle’s performance, while there are those who want modifications to make their road beast...Read more

Halten Sie Abstand zu den Fahrzeugen vor Ihnen

Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie während der Fahrt immer genügend Abstand zum Auto vor Ihnen halten. Der Abstand sollte so groß sein, dass Sie Zeit zum Reagieren und Anhalten haben. Der Abstand sollte im Verhältnis zu den vorherrschenden Fahrkonditionen und Ihrer Geschwindigkeit stehen. Wenn Sie Reifen haben, die beinahe abgenutzt...Read more

EU dekkmerking

Fra november 2012 har det vært obligatorisk for dekkprodusentene å merke dekkene sine med et dekkmerke. Dette har kommet i en del av EUs forsøk på å informere folk om energiforbruket til produkter. På dekkmerkingenkan du se forskjellige dekkens energiforbruk i form av bensinforbruk. Du kan også se hvor bra...Read more

Hybrid or electric – what are the pros and cons?

Hybrid or electric-what are the pros and cons? There are pros and cons with both, and they need to be considered before choosing between hybrid or electric cars. Both obviously, are more fuel efficient than regular cars and both are doing their part in minimizing fuel emissions with the difference...Read more

Get the correct tires for your electric cars

When you are looking for car tires for your electric vehicle, it is important that you get tires that are of the correct dimension and have been recommended for use on electric vehicles. The dimension will need to be correct and tires are bigger the bigger the vehicle is, where...Read more

The advantages of studded tires

The main advantage of studded tires is the superior grip on icy and hard-packed snowy roads. The studded tires provide an additional level of grip because they are not just interacting with the road surface conditions; the studs penetrate frozen precipitation and dig in like miniature anchors. When you accelerate,...Read more

The choice of tires is important especially for SUVs

The choice of car tires is important especially for SUVs. This is because the SUV is a bigger and therefore heavier vehicle than regular passenger cars. It is therefore important to choose a tire that allows the best grip and traction to allow for proper braking as well as acceleration....Read more

SUV all-season tires for added performance during the summer

Many SUVs are very safe. To ensure that your vehicle live up to its expected safety, you need to ensure that you have safe tires. Tires need to provide sufficient safety to vehicles. Since there are big differences between different tires, optimal tire selection is very important. You want to...Read more

Make sure that your all-season tires are in good condition

If you currently have winter tires on your vehicle it is soon time to change to all-season tires for the upcoming summer season. If you live in a state of province that doesn’t really have any winter conditions you might have been driving with the all-season tires the whole time....Read more