Benefits of Software Leasing to Small Businesses

Improving efficiency and becoming future-ready for business requires the acquisition of appropriate technology. However, not all businesses, especially newcomers in the industry, are not financially capable of coping with the ever-changing software needs. Fortunately, software leasing comes to save the day.

Small-scale businesses, considered as the lessee on contractual agreements, can rent software or equipment for a fixed period from a legitimate lessor. It is a viable solution for small businesses that aim to leverage technology to be more productive with their operations.

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Counter obsolescence

As rapid technological changes occur, the current version of your CAD or CRM software will soon become obsolete. Such a scenario gives business owners the dilemma of immediately spending lots of money to replace their software technology with up-to-date versions or getting left behind in the competition due to outdated tech.

Leasing software offers an alternative as it allows you to access the latest software for a lower cost while getting the options of instant upgrades and inclusion of add-on features, given that lending agreements offer flexibility.

More efficient business finance

Renting software equipment makes room for cash reserves and efficient budgeting as the monthly expense for leasing is flexible.

Software lending frees your business from possible budget strains brought by repairs and maintenance as the lenders themselves shoulder the cost of maintaining their equipment. Thus, no cash flow or business credit line disruption in the long run, and for budding entrepreneurs, that’s the best gift they can receive after a month of effort and dedication.

No down payments required

Leasing does not require upfront costs that can hit the cash flow, unlike software purchases. Lenders do not even ask for collaterals but fully furnished financial statements, business proof, and KYC documents.

At the end of the leasing contract, businesses have the option to buy the equipment ownership. In case that the software is old-fashioned, they may still avail of a new and updated software without the compulsion of purchase.

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