Beautifying your homes with window tints [Infographic]

Reducing heat penetration to our homes is a daunting task for homeowners. Some prefer blinds or curtains to lessen the entry of glares to their house, while others choose shutters. Yet, there is a more efficient option available in the market, and it is now gaining popularity for its unrivaled benefits.

Window tinting San Francisco is popular among car owners as it is an ideal addition to protect their four-wheeled vehicles against the health risks posed by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Aside from that, window film San Francisco is a cost-effective investment that offers aesthetics and cuts expenses. Who would think that residents can also get the chance to adopt such likely characteristics for their house?

If you want to have a glimpse of what professional window tint installers can do for your home, read this article.

Save Energy Bills

With traditional glass windows allowing heat to pass through freely, it raises the interior temperature. The more we feel hot and sweaty, the greater the chances we switch the air-conditioner on to a lower degree and long period, which will increase our energy bills.

Most homeowners ask for window tint installation to prevent solar heat from penetrating their homes. The films will block the sunlight and heat, which favors us as the temperature lowers down and becomes manageable. Lesser usage of cooling home appliances means decreased electricity consumption, which is good for the wallet.

Protection Against UV Rays

Exposing yourself to UV rays by sitting in front of the window where sunlight comes from can take a toll on your health in the process. Repeated exposure to sunlight might end up in melanoma and other skin cancers.

Though being underrated, for this reason, window tinting provides 99 percent protection against UV damages in the comfort of your home. It is a perk that you can consider before availing it.


Window films hold glass together and prevent shards from scattering everywhere. It does not only alert you of a potential burglary. Tinted windows also help alleviate fatal injuries that can harm you and your loved ones. Whether it is a severe storm or stary baseball hitting your home, the window tints minimize the danger of hazardous threats.


Be reminded that the features of tinted windows include additional UV protection or extra appeal yet more privacy. Private individuals may wish to earn a better sense of privacy and comfort inside their house. Window tints perfectly suit their preference as the films shield the view from the exterior.

Low Maintenance

Window tints are water and scratch-resistant. Given that fact, regular cleaning is not required as there are fewer chances of fingerprint or water spot buildup in your windows. Therefore, you can relax during your siesta or day-off and enjoy the view with the enticing crystal-clear windows.

However, here is a reminder. Be sure to talk with your installer to learn the properties of your tint films. In that way, you will also know when and how to clean them.

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