A Look At The Test To Release Scheme

Test To Release

If you are planning to return to the United Kingdom from a country that is not part of the UK’s approved travel corridor, you are supposed to self-isolate for a full 14 days or risk getting fined. In case you would like to leave isolation early, for instance after 5 days), you need to take a COVID-19 test to release from an approved lab in the United Kingdom.

If the results of your test are negative, you will be given a certificate that allows you to leave your self-isolation early. This can be really beneficial if you don’t want to self-isolate for 2 weeks, have commitments to work, or you need to take part in activities outside your house. The purpose of this government scheme is to help people function normally after travelling abroad by shortening their isolation times.

So, how exactly does the test to release scheme work?  One of the things you need to do is find out if your country is on an approved travel corridor.  In case it is not, you need to head straight to your place of self-isolation when arriving to the United Kingdom from a foreign country, self-isolate for five days, and then order a COVID-19 test from Harley Medic. You will get your results the next day. On day 6, as long as you are COVID-19 negative, you will be allowed to stop the self -isolation period.

You may be wondering if you are supposed to pay for a test to release quarantine test. Well, under the government scheme you have to use a private COVID-19 test, meaning that you will have to pay for the test. You risk being fined up to £10,000 if you misuse the NHS track and trace testing service.

For more information on the test to release scheme, visit our website at https://www.harleymedic.co.uk/

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