Can You Tint at Home despite the COVID-19 Epidemic

Can You Tint at Home despite the COVID-19 Epidemic

The world is currently facing the dire effects of the spread of the coronavirus, more commonly known as COVID-19. Originated from Wuhan in China, the virus becomes a problem form many parts of the world, shutting down many businesses as we see it today. Since people are must stay at...Read more

Håll ditt avstånd till fordonen framför dig

Se till att du alltid håller tillräckligt med avstånd till bilen framför dig när du kör. Avståndet bör vara tillräckligt långt för att ge dig tid att reagera och stoppa. Avståndet ska vara i relation till körförhållandena som du upplever och din hastighet. Om du har däck som håller på...Read more

Halten Sie Abstand zu den Fahrzeugen vor Ihnen

Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie während der Fahrt immer genügend Abstand zum Auto vor Ihnen halten. Der Abstand sollte so groß sein, dass Sie Zeit zum Reagieren und Anhalten haben. Der Abstand sollte im Verhältnis zu den vorherrschenden Fahrkonditionen und Ihrer Geschwindigkeit stehen. Wenn Sie Reifen haben, die beinahe abgenutzt...Read more

Keep your distance to the vehicles in front of you

Make sure that you keep sufficient distance to the car in front of you at all time when driving. The distance should be far enough to give you time to react and stop. The distance should be in relations to the driving conditions that you are experiencing and your speed....Read more

Flight traffic might decrease and car travel increase

All countries have been affected by the pandemic and will continue to be so as restrictions will be lifted still for months to come. This will have major impacts on travel between areas and countries. It might not be feasible with social distancing in airplanes and do you want to...Read more