Important Things To Know About Sperco Intercoolers

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A 94-02 5.9L Dodge Cummins Replacement SPEARCO High Performance intercooler upgrade can improve the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways.  This upgrade will lead to lower EGT’s and lead to quicker turbo spool up.  It features a ½ inch thicker core than stock with better flowing end tanks. It comes with complete bolt in installation and it uses Spearco’s WAVE technology core for superior cooling.

The sperco intercooler is rated at nearly 1100 CFM for added HP and torque. It is an oversized intercooler that has been shown to increase fuel economy about 5 percent depending on the driving conditions as well as application.

When you make this upgrade, you will also find yourself with better spool-up as well as lower EGT’s. This OE replacement comes in kit form that includes the intercooler, elbows, tubes and brackets. The kit includes all necessary brackets for the transmission cooler and ac condenser, and it comes with a one year replacement warranty.

While using a turbocharger builds boost for big performance gains, the downside is that this comes at the cost of increased heat. Compressing air raises its temperature by about 150 degrees more than the outside ambient temps for every seven pounds of boos. Using the sperco intercooler to bring the intake air temperatures back down to optimum levels is a very good idea, especially if your vehicle is going to have a bunch of other speed mods.

Spearco offers upgrades for a wide range of diesel applications, including the Ford 6.4-liter Power Stroke. It will be a good idea to install and test one so you can see what kind of a difference it makes in a real world environment.

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