Hybrid or electric – what are the pros and cons?

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Hybrid or electric-what are the pros and cons? There are pros and cons with both, and they need to be considered before choosing between hybrid or electric cars. Both obviously, are more fuel efficient than regular cars and both are doing their part in minimizing fuel emissions with the difference being that the electric cars do not have any emissions at all and are considered a zero-emission vehicle. Whether you choose one over the other you will still benefit in the latest fuel-efficient technologies.

When it comes to electric vehicles, they are fully electric, not using any gasoline at all. Since electric cars use only electric power there is no backup engine to kick in when the batteries run out. They do however have more batteries onboard than hybrid cars. So, what are the pros and cons of electric cars? The main advantage being that the electric cars save more money in fuel expenses as they don’t use gas at all, and in addition they are considered more environmentally friendly as they are a zero-emission vehicle. They also have a longer electric only range than hybrid cars. The cons however being that the driving range is limited with no possibility to rely on a gasoline engine to kick in.

Hybrid cars on the other hand exist both as the plug-in kind and non-plug-in, each type having their own advantages and disadvantages. So, what are the cons with hybrid cars in general. The primary disadvantage is that the fuel economy is not as great as with electric cars. The main pro or advantage is that the hybrid cars have a longer driving range as the hybrid can rely on fuel when the batteries run out. This is because when the electric motor is out of batteries the normal gasoline engine kicks in. It’s because of the two different powertrains, both which can drive the wheels that this is possible.

Whether choosing a hybrid or electric car you will be doing your part for the environment while benefitting from the lower fuel costs. There are however other things that can be done to get the most out of your hybrid or electric car and that is to invest in low rolling resistance tires. With low rolling resistance tires you reduce the energy loss as a tire rolls decreasing the required rolling effort. This in turn saves energy and improves the vehicles fuel efficiency or in the case of an electric car, the distance it can travel on each charge. Both hybrid and electric cars have an increased rolling resistance due to their size and weight so investing in low rolling resistance car tires makes even more sense as the very reason people invest in hybrid or electric cars is to leave a smaller ecological footprint. When choosing tires for an electric or hybrid car, whether winter tires, all-weather tires, or all-season tires, it is important to look for tires recommended specifically for hybrid or electric cars and with low rolling resistance.

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